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The inclusive dance company SZENE 2WEI consists of artists with and without disabilities. Founded in 2009 in Essen by Timo Gmeiner and William Sánchez H., it operates as a contemporary dance theatre that serves as a medium and motor for inclusive action, which is to say, for behaviour that appreciates and values diversity. In this way, it aims to create space and recognition for inclusive dance in Germany.

Our common goal is to push boundaries – whether they be those between artists and their audience or those in people’s minds. Dance knows no such boundaries. It does not seek normalcy. It does not exclude or marginalize. This is also a reason why dance is an art form uniquely suited to serving as a medium for communication. On stage, our dance depicts viewpoints and theories. We enter into dialogue with people, pose questions and inspire contemplation.

In this, is important to us to draw from the individual strengths and perspectives of each of our dancers. Every physical feature offers possibilities that we purposefully make use of on stage. With our work, we strive to help people question established social norms and break down prejudices. We stand for a wide variety of encounters, mutual respect and openness when faced with the unfamiliar. 

SZENE 2WEI inclusive dance company – cultural workers

Though operating throughout Germany, SZENE 2WEI inclusive dance company is especially active in Essen (in the Ruhr district) and Lahr (in the Black Forest). In both regions there are cooperations with other social and cultural institutions. Through these collaborations, inter-group and multi-city projects and events regularly take place. To make our work accessible, and to give everyone a chance to encounter it, we also offer a variety of Workshops and projects.

Our ensemble consists of both professionally trained artists and those who have intellectual and/or physical disabilities and are being trained in the field of dance as part of an off-site workspace program for artists.
Inclusion – UN convention
Coexistence of people with and without disabilities on equal terms

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