It is the concern of Timo Gmeiner and William Sánchez H., who have brought this platform into existence, to create means and ways for as many people as possible to come into contact with contemporary dance and to turn it into a tangible experience as an interactive space for inclusion.

Timo gmeinerArtistic & pedagogic director
Timo Gmeiner, qualified social education worker, dancer and yoga teacher, was born 1984 in Oberkirch and grew up in Löcherberg, a village of 200 inhabitants in the Black forest. After finishing his university entrance diploma and civilian service, he successfully graduated in social work at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg. He studied contemporary dance at the Folkwang University of Arts. During his studies as well as in their aftermath, he participated in different projects and productions as a dancer and performer. To further his professional development he completed the first part of his yoga teaching formation at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Academy in India. He is constantly vying for more education by attending a variety of yoga seminars and ashram residencies.

He works as a qualified social education worker, freelance dancer and yoga teacher in Essen, Freiburg and at Braunberg in Black Forest, with people both with and without disabilities in artistic and creative pedagogic fields of work. Dance and yoga play a central role in this. His main focus lies in the work with SZENE 2WEI inclusive dance company. It is for him a great pleasure to be able to put his professional know-how and the skills linked to it into this task. “Tanz bewegt Begegnung“ (Dance moves to encounters) is the title of his diploma thesis. Encounters can open doors into a world in which it is normal to be different. In terms of human existence, normality means recognition of human diversity. Questioning normalcy, forming diversity and to live and experience diversity as normality, all these are constitutive aspects to his philosophy of life.

Timo Gmeiner is the artistic and pedagogic director of SZENE 2WEI inclusive dance company.

William sÁnchez h. Artistic & choreographic director
William Sánchez H., choreographer and dancer, born in Bogotá in Colombia, where he studied at the Superior Academy of Arts Bogotá, completing his studies in performing arts with mention. He subsequently finished his Master of Arts in Choreography at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden.

By participating in a variety of dance pieces and performances in Europe and South America, he collected experience as a dancer, artist and performer.

After his studies at the Folkwang University of Arts, he began to work as a free choreographer in close cooperation with, amongst others, the European forum of culture, through which he represented Germany and Colombia at international dance festivals. Additionally, he is the art director and choreographer of the SZENE 2WEI inclusive dance company and of THEGARDEN||performing arts.

Born and raised in Bogotá, William Sánchez H. was influenced by literature and art from early on. Today, after years of studies, he wishes to let his imagination roam free and put into practice the inner language of the body. He creates a parallel world by deconstructing the common every-day usage of the alphabet down to where the literary action transcends the limits of the words and flows into the body.

William Sánchez H. is the artistic and choreographic director of SZENE 2WEI inclusive dance company.

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