SZENE DR3I – Training Project

In 2013 we began to assist young, talented people with disabilities by offering a special intensive dance training as part of our company program; since then, the concept has seen a continuous evolution.

In Germany, people with disabilities don’t yet have the opportunity to complete an appropriate training program in dance. No matter how talented a person is, schools and universities simply exclude people with disabilities from a formal education in this field. Yet many people with disabilities have great potential as dancers.

We work to give these artists the chance to make dance an integral part of their plans for the future. Through the SZENE DR3I project, they are made familiar with the fields of performance, choreography and pedagogy, given insight into the field of contemporary and develop their work in body, form, alignment, dynamic and musicality. We are currently partnering with the Johannes Diakonie workshops in Lahr and in 2015 we were able to establish an off-site workspace for artists that enables young adults to complete a program of daily training in both the theory and practice of dance. Alongside this daily training, the program also consists of taking part in stage performances and offers the possibility of co-designing and leading workshops.

This training project builds a strong foundation in various dance disciplines and techniques and conveys the necessary know-how of making dance part of everyday life, all with the aim of enabling individuals to pursue successful careers in the field of dance.

Depending on aptitudes and potential, people can receive customized individual support. The particular support can focus on a variety of topics and key areas, for instance, contemporary dance, dance theatre, improvisation, choreography, yoga, meditation or fascia training.

We are happy to give you further details about this program. Contact us to request additional information.
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