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Continuing education and workshops of different durations can be requested. They can also be conducted in tandem, which means directed and run by an inclusive team. In cooperation with institutions, training centres and schools, we provide insights into our inclusive artistic work, address a range of specific topics and/or develop and present joint dance pieces.

For example, we offer the following workshops:

"Living and experiencing diversity in dance"
"Trust and connectedness – workshop with dance, yoga and experiential learning"
"Meditation, body awareness and mindfulness exercises"
"Nature experiences and nature art in connection with contemporary dance theatre"

Of course, these elements can also be combined with each other. We are happy to respond to your wishes.
For requests, questions, bookings and everything else feel free to contact us here.

Those who are interested can get to know the dance company by trying out a session which lasts over several hours and also includes active participation in dance.

This offer is aimed at anyone with an interest in the arts, regardless of a person’s place of origin, age, gender, support requirements (an accompanying attendant is possible after prior agreement) or previous experience.

Whether on wheels or walking, every person has their own language of movement and is warmly welcomed.

SZENE DR3I: Dance Training in a Mixed-Ability Context

In 2013 we began our work in supporting young talented people with physical and intellectual disabilities through our company focus on a special dance-intensive concept, and our activities have continuously developed ever since.

As part of SZENE DR3I, our five-year training programme carried out in cooperation with various facilities and institutions, members attend daily training sessions where they become familiarised with the field of contemporary dance. We work with them in exploring aspects of body, form, space, time, dynamics and musicality. We also address individual abilities of movement by engaging with and supporting the potential and distinctive character of each person. Dance theory and applied anatomy complete the training.

In dance, we attach great importance to health and prevention. Yoga, meditation and mindfulness exercises all flow into the training as holistic methods of strengthening bodily awareness. The invitation of guest lecturers – SZENE 2WEI ensemble members, artists from various disciplines, dance mediators and scientists – is another piece of the SZENE DR3I puzzle.

Our programme includes participation and performance in our own productions or in joint undertakings, as well as mediation of workshops held in a variety of constellations. The participating artists interact with one another, work together and learn with and from each other. This leads to a natural engagement with aspects of diversity in dance.

Why do we do all this? The answer is simple. In this country, people with physical and intellectual disabilities do not yet have the opportunity to complete a training in dance. And this is despite the fact that many of them have great potential as dancers and can greatly enrich dance with their own unique qualities of movement.

SZENE DR3I is an important step on the way to more openness in cultural life. In the long term, it is our wish and explicit goal to see diversity in dance to become established in the dance departments of German institutions of higher education as well as in other dance spheres, for example in performing arts venues, ensembles, the independent scene, and so on.

Our society is many-faceted, and it is precisely this societal diversity that can and should expand the possibilities of dance.

We will gladly provide you with further information about SZENE DR3I. Just send us an e-mail. Contact us. We already look forward to hearing from you.

We regularly offer creative retreats in cooperation with beWEGEnd e.V. and Lebenshilfe Breisgau and/or other institutions where everything is about movement and dance, yoga, meditation, nature experiences, healthy nutrition and attentive living together.

We attach great importance to health and well-being. The perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries and to be creative in the best possible way.
For several days or even weeks we live, learn and laugh together and support each other.

Usually we start the day with meditation, morning walks in silence and mantra singing before we move on to dance units, acrobatic and therapeutic yoga as well as relaxing massage. Confidence- and awareness exercises complete the program.
And in the evening? Accordion sounds, singing, stories, conversations – simply a relaxed get-together – take care of it.

The conscious engagement with the surroundings, with oneself and others is omnipresent.
Of course, delicious vegetarian food is also a must during this time. We cook together.

If you are interested in participating in such a dance trip, if you have any questions or would like to cooperate with us, you can contact us here.

If you are interested to book us for your event or festival, you can get in contact with us on info@szene2wei.de, our productions you can find them here , we are open to listen to your ideas.