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Footprints in the asphalt

Footprints in the asphalt

The dance piece Footprints in the asphalt is created in a frame of inclusion with dancers with and without disabilities.
Our leitmotiv firmly believes in accessibility in the reality as well as in a figurative sense, for diverse encounters, for normality as part of the diversity, for equal respect and open-mindedness.

In Footprints in the asphalt we touch human topics like home, loneliness and inclusion in the daily life. Those topics are reached and translated into a physical dance language. Every individual in this piece has a personal story to tell with the body, recreating in the space their own point of view about the relation between the world and the individual.
The asphalt is a metaphor of a common point between the days not lived yet and the mark our lived life left.


Dance: Anne-Hélène Kotoujansky, Fuuko Shimazaki, Lola Villegas Fragoso, Jonas Onny, Georgia Kapodistria, Linda Pilar Brodhag, Jörg Beese, Matthieu Bergmiller, Manuela Aranguibel, Ricarda Noetzel, Leonie Howar, Georg Rotzinger, Louisa Laschet, Florian Jurgens, Dinah Berghof, Timo Gmeiner, Micaela Kühn Jara, Cornelius Hiller, Mathias Schwarz, Ann Helen Kiesewetter, Sandra Becker, Alexandra Meyers, Thilo Hartmann, Kristin Otting
Music and Composition: Isolda Mac Liam & Florian Boos
Costume: Liam Sanher
Scenography: Fuuko Shimazaki
Light: Mercè Mayor
Video & Photo: Simon Baucks, Georg Schreiber
Graphic Design: Valentina Boneva
Stage Management: Mercè Mayor
Choreographer & Artistic Director: William Sánchez H.
Production Management, Pedagogic & Artistic Director: Timo Gmeiner