Hidden (closed eye) Visible (eye)



The performance beWEGEnd was first shaped during a dance tour through the Black Forest in summer 2012. It found its sequel in spring 2013 in the course of several intense workshops, one dance trip and some live performances.

During this time span, the artists, fourteen young people with and without disabilities, looked for ways (WEGE) to experience the diversity of nature and humanity and make it visible by means of artistic expression.

beWEGEnd is an encounter of nature and body and unifies different cultures, perceptions and ways of looking unto the world.


Dance: Anne-Hélène Kotoujansky, Lola Villegas Fragoso, Jonas Onny, Georgia Kapodistria, Linda Pilar Brodhag, Martin Kratochvil, Manuela Aranguibel, William Sánchez H., Ricarda Noetzel, Leonie Howar, Georg Rotzinger, Timo Gmeiner, Micaela Kühn Jara, Cornelius Hiller, Ilka Reichert, Jonas Engler, Lena Fuchs
Music and Composition: Isolda Mac Liam
Costume: Liam Sanher
Scenography: SZENE 2WEI
Light: Mercè Mayor
Photo: Bärbel Schwarz
Graphic Design: SZENE 2WEI
Stage Management: Mercè Mayor
Choreographer & Artistic Director: William Sánchez H.
Production Management, Pedagogic & Artistic Director: Timo Gmeiner