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The dance performance wir-nosotros celebrated its premiere in summer 2012. A developmental phase of a year preceded the performance.

The title of the piece is in reference to the common creation process that the dance company has gone through since its foundation, especially in the preparation for its stage performance.
wir-nosotros aims to express the spirit of the group and wants to encourage the audience to accept new images and vocabularies of movement as well as rethink their own perspectives.


Dance: Lola Villegas Fragoso ,Georgia Kapodistria, Jonas Onny, Linda Pilar Brodhag, Ricarda Noetzel, Leonie Howar, Louisa Laschet, Florian Jurgens, Dinah Berghof, Timo Gmeiner, Sandra Becker, Alexandra Meyers, Thilo Hartmann, William Sánchez H., Kristin Otting
Music and Composition: Collage
Costume: Liam Sanher
Scenography: SZENE 2WEI
Light: Mercè Mayor
Photo: Marcus Becker
Graphic Design: SZENE 2WEI
Stage Management: Mercè Mayor
Choreographer & Artistic Director: William Sánchez H.
Production Management, Pedagogic & Artistic Director: Timo Gmeiner