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NO NAME - the film

The dance film production „NO NAME - der Film“ is a kaleidoscopic, queer, powerful and poetic dedication to the different stages of life and the bright and dark sides of our existence. It shows life in its diverse facets, close to nature and in unknown places.

Referring to the meaning of Gender in our society the movie is based on the contemporary dance piece „NO NAME* das Musical“ by William Sánchez H., which invites us to look outside the box and far beyond our own patterns of thinking.

This contemporary filmography of the musical, allows us to access the concept of embodiment and dance from a different perspective. The visual appearance is loud and quiet, bright and dark at the same time. The film challenges us to question our ideas of normality.
And again, dance is the speechless medium which makes it possible to feel, express and show the journey while we are searching for the answers.

„NO NAME - Der Film“ is from and with the mixed-abled Dance Company SZENE 2WEI, based in Lahr/ Blackforrest. Directed by William Sánchez H. and Timo Gmeiner, the company creates art in the field of contemporary dance theatre which aims to confronts the spectators with new perspectives of thinking.

Directors: William Sánchez H. & Bernd Mantz

Dancers:Jörg Beese, Deborah Heim, Fernando Balsera, Ricarda Noetzel, Eiji Takeda, Jose Manuel Ortiz, Matthieu Bergmiller, Timo Gmeiner

Costume, Set and Light: Clément Debras

Assistence: Anne-Hélène Kotoujansky

Makeup Design: Linda Herrera

Stage Management: Mercè Mayor

Choreographer: William Sánchez H.

Directors SZENE 2WEI: William Sánchez H., Timo Gmeiner

Supported by:

Aktion Mensch und beWEGEnd e.V

Thanks to:

Jasna Mittler - Barnes Crossing Köln
Wangerland- Schillig - Deutschland